Legatum Collaborative

We offer a full range of  distribution, educational and marketing advice and advocacy to independent filmmakers looking to reach out to traditionally under served audiences.

Legatum Collaborative achieves these goals without ever needing to own or exploit a filmmaker’s intellectual property rights, opening up a new landscape of distribution opportunities free of extraneous middlemen and unfair contract terms, and drawing heavily upon the promise of new media/digital distribution and the power of viral and social networking.

In today’s marketplace, the traditional avenues of distribution for independent and art house distribution have dramatically contracted, leaving thousands of filmmakers without a way to bring their films to market.

As a result, there is a dire need for a service-oriented agency to step in to educate and empower filmmakers to reach out to audiences directly, to network with each other and trade vital experiences and marketing assets, and to master the tools of emerging DIY and new media opportunities.

By providing advice, advocacy and assistance for all aspects of film distribution and re-establishes a crumbling link between independent filmmakers and under served audiences.

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